Margriet Vollenberg started her studio in February 2005. It developed very quickly and at the end of 2007 Margo Konings joined forces with Margriet. Together, Margriet and Margo became specialists in the organisation of all aspects of design, which led to the founding of Organisation in Design in 2009. In 2015, Margo left Organisation in Design and Margriet continues to lead the studio’s activities. Today, the studio manages various tasks for designers, design studios and other design-related companies, which can divided into three areas.


PR Studio: Organisation in Design maintains an extensive press contact network and is active as PR studio for an interesting selection of designers, design studios and design events.

Projects: Organisation in Design initiates, organises, manages and guides projects for national and international fairs, such as the yearly Ventura Lambrate during the Salone del Mobile, and various exhibitions in national and international museums and galleries.

Design Consultancy: Organisation in Design acts as an intermediary and is engaged in managing the business interests of designers and design studios.

In short, with the outsourcing of these organisational activities, designers and design studios are then free to focus completely on the creative part of their profession.

Studio Utrecht:
Margriet Vollenberg | Anoek Hagenaars | Aimy Eyzenbach
Dewi van de Klomp | Janis Riekhoff | Yien Wei Thye | Marloes ter Steege
Tomas Rijnbeek | Tamara da Fies | Vanessa Liedorp

Studio Milano:
Fulvia Ramogida | Ilaria Casetto | Marco Guizzetti