23rd Biennial of Design, Ljubljana | 2012

Design Relations
Museum of Architecture and Design
27 September–11 November 2012

Margriet Vollenberg and Margo Konings, the founders of Organisation in Design, have been invited by the National Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to become the curators of the main exhibition of the 23rd Biennial of Design (BIO). They gladly accepted this invitation and formulated the main theme of the exhibition: Design Relations.

Theme Design Relations
How are designers and the works they create influenced by modern technologies, digitalisation and globalisation? And how is design evolving? Contemporary designers seem to embrace the resourcefulness of nature and its processes, while they also display an amazing capability to use technology. Their explorations not only lead them to commercial products but also help them to better address cultural, social and emotional questions. BIO 23 is presenting fresh new ideas and exploring how design relates to the social, the sustainable, and the cultural, while displaying crossovers between culture and commerce, crafts and industry.

The selection of works of 100 designers from 27 countries shows how modern technologies, digitalisation and globalisation, as well as nature and its resources influence designers and their creative work. However the exhibition does not only expose the new and up-to-date ideas of contemporary design production, but also opens up a daring and critical cross section of everything that contemporary design reflects and describes in this very moment. What is the role of design today? How does design reflect the world around us? What is the counter-effect of design in our lives? The exhibits are divided into four main categories: technology, digitalisation, globalisation, and products; and subcategories: health; machines and processes; science (technology); back to crafts; counter reactions; data processing and graphic design (digitalisation); industrial leftovers; social/local; urban environments; and smart solutions (globalisation). A special jury rewarded several works of designers who received at the opening of the biennial on 27th September 2012 the BIO Design Awards (big winner was the Sea Chair project of Studio Swine and Kieren Jones).

The BIO 23 exhibition display was designed by the well-known Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk.

Opening Ceremony of BIO.23, the curators Margriet Vollenberg and Margo Konings (left) and museum director Matevž Čelik

The Sea Chair Project of Studio Swine and Kieren Jones, Photo by Domel Pal

BIO.23, Design Relations, Technology Room, Photo by Domel Pal

BIO23, Design Relations, Technology Room, photo by Domen Pal

BIO23, Machines and Processes photo by Domen Pal

BIO23, Design Relations, Rick Tegelaar, MeshMatics lamps, photo by Domen Pal

BIO23, Studio Joris Laarman with the Halflife lamp (front), Stefan Swabe with Living Artefact (back), photo by Domen Pal

BIO23, Kristýna Pojerova, Glasshouse lamp, 2011photo by Domen Pal

BIO23, Ingrid HULSKAMP, Daily Poetry: Toys for contemplation (right) and Dorte Agergaard, Naturally digital textile prints (left) photo by Domen Pal

BIO 23 Design Relations,Nikola Durek, Marija JUZA, photo by Domen Pal