Designing is a creative and intuitive profession. In order to protect this, Organisation in Design functions as the link between the design world and other institutions or companies.

The design process should be left to flourish and, in order for that to happen, we negotiate on the designers’ behalf. It is important that the designer and his principal can focus solely and exclusively on the creative aspect of their project. We mediate between designers and galleries / principals / financiers / collectors / museums and labels. The aim is to realise purchases of existing work, exhibitions, commissions, projects, royalty agreements, financing etc.

In addition to this, we take care of art direction and advise on the composition of collections for exhibitions. Our role is also to advise national and international labels / producers / curators / galleries / et cetera, about the composition of their collections.

In short, thanks to our large international network and knowledge of the design world, Organisation in Design functions as the link between the designer and the parties who want to work with the designer.