thonik: has changed its look!

19 April- The Amsterdam-based collective of graphic designers thonik has transformed their online appearance. Thomas Widdershoven (the man who puts the ‘tho’ in thonik) is the first to admit that a metamorphosis was long overdue. “What we do seamlessly for our clients has proven a tad more complicated when it’s your own identity that needs a new interpretation and translation.” Read more in our press release

MAARTEN BAAS: May I Have Your Attention Please?

28 March- MILAN – Designer MAARTEN BAAS has a long history of causing sensation during Europe’s most important design event: the Salone del Mobile. It is not just the designs by his hand like SMOKE or CLAY that create quite a stir- the Dutch designer is in the habit of using big performances to show his work. This theatrical approach is a quintessential part of the MAARTEN BAAS Milan circus. Read the press release here

MAARTEN BAAS: Hide & Seek: launching the exhibition and the book

 7 February – The Groninger Museum, one of the most important museums in the Netherlands, will be hosting the first major MAARTEN BAAS retrospect. Hide & Seek (opening 18 February) highlights the work of one of Holland’s most famous and well-respected artists. MAARTEN BAAS’ Hide & Seek shows the many faces of a man who has been keeping the design and art world on its toes for 15 years. Read more here

Studio Makkink & Bey: ‘House of Arts’

24 January – Voor de tentoonstelling ‘House of Arts’ liet  Studio Makkink & Bey hun boerderij in de Noordoostpolder fungeren als een werkplek voor ‘designers & artists in residence’. Tijdens de tentoonstelling worden een aantal objecten –eveneens als in de recente Londen Design Biënnale presentatie – in blauwschuim getoond, als zogeheten wensen voor de toekomst, een werkelijke of een speculatieve. Elk object dient zo als een vraagstuk, die binnen de ‘designers & artists residence’ behandeld wordt. Lees hier meer over het project. 


17 October-Anyone who’s been following the Dutch Design Week Instagram account over the past few weeks will have seen that designer MAARTEN BAAS is hard at work preparing his exhibition, entitled: MAARTEN BAAS MAKES TIME. The exhibition features many works by the designer himself – recently distinguished in the US with the prestigious Art Prize for his ‘Sweepers Clock’ (also on show as part of the exhibition) – accompanied by work and pieces by a lively collection of artists, designers, photographers, performers and top chef, Sergio Herman. Read more

Jurgen Bey herschept met ONZIJN de Kolenkitbuurt

13 oktober- Design inzetten voor een manifestatie? Ontwerper Jurgen Bey besloot de dialoog aan te gaan. Vanaf 15 oktober staat het gebouw van WOW in de Amsterdamse Kolenkitbuurt in het teken van een drie maanden durende manifestatie getiteld ONZIJN. Ontwerper Jurgen Bey van Studio Makkink & Bey is de curator van ONZIJN en selecteert elf inspirerende projecten. Verschillende kunstenaars en/of ontwerpers reageren met hun werk op de omgeving van het WOW gebouw. In de dialoog tussen omgeving en maker, staat elke kunstenaar voor een ander thema dat geënt is op WOW als tijdelijke habitat. Lees hier meer. 

Baars & Bloemhoff: Transitions II: from raw material to design object

4 October – Following a successful first edition of Transitions, Baars & Bloemhoff is once again inviting six designers to imagine and shape its decorative materials in Transitions II. The results will be presented in Broeinest at Strijp-S during the Dutch Design Week (22 – 30 October). Below we profile the six Baars & Bloemhoff designers and their special designs. Read more in our press release. 

Studio Wieki Somers: Moon Viewing

9 September – On ‘moon viewing’ day (Tsukimi) we are delighted to inform you about our new work and  forthcoming activities in which the moon has played a role. This includes the beautiful Light Circles made for Robeco and the Tea sets for 2016/Arita. Check it out.

Robert Bronwasser: The new way of sitting

30 August – Designer Robert Bronwasser has developed an intelligent, modular and sustainable seating system for Palau, enabling the furniture brand to respond to the changing needs of the business market. CORALS is like a tailor-made suit that grows along with you. Read more in our press release