Studio Wieki Somers: Moon Viewing

9 September – On ‘moon viewing’ day (Tsukimi) we are delighted to inform you about our new work and  forthcoming activities in which the moon has played a role. This includes the beautiful Light Circles made for Robeco and the Tea sets for 2016/Arita. Check it out.

Linteloo presents new compositions at IMM Cologne 2015

17 Jan 2015:  LINTELOO invites you to visit its showroom at Design Post during IMM Cologne 2015 (19–25 January 2015), where you’ll be inspired by fresh compositions and new designs from Linteloo Lab, Niels Bendtsen, Roderick Vos and many more. Discover the unlimited possibilities of the LINTELOO collection and imagine your ideal comfortable, feelgood surroundings, at home or anywhere: simple, fun and surprisingly pleasant.

Read all about Book No.5 and IMM 2015 right here

Overview Ventura Berlin

Ventura Berlin was a great experience and we are very happy to have done the first Ventura event outside of Milan with Qubique.Interesting new possibilities and opportunities have been realised for the exhibitors within Ventura Berlin, concrete examples can of course be found in the attention attracted with the international press, but also in the fact that some of the worlds most exiting brands have used our selected exhibition to scout new talents and works for their collections.

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Press Release Maarten Baas

Maarten Baasles curiosités d’un designer

7 October 2011–12 February 2012

Les Musée des Arts Décoratifs, located in the Louvre museum’s west wing, is the only museum in France which can offer a vast panorama of the decorative arts from the Middle Ages to the present day. The museum is focused on decorative-arts and design, and is internationally known for its distinguished exhibitions.

Les Arts Décoratifs gave ‘carte blanche’ to Maarten Baas for his first exhibition in a Parisian museum. Maarten Baas, famous for his iconoclast and fanciful creations, has imagined a universe inspired by the curiosity cabinets… Continue reading

Decadent Pigeons by Joachim Van Den Hurk & Lisa Klappe

Static portraits, grubby films and living sculptures – A mix of black humour and nearly perverse overtones. Decadent Pigeons holds up a mirror to us that reflects decay, boredom and slackness. Continue behaving (or even being) this way, and we will end up being exactly as those pigeons: grey shadows, dismally bored and scandalously discontented.

Decadent Preview

Dutch Design Week

Studio Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk

Eindhoven, Netherlands

22 – 30 October 2011

Opening 24 October

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