Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven | 2013

Under the art direction of Margriet Vollenberg and Margo Konings of Organisation in Design, the Klokgebouw strengthened its position for the twelfth edition of Dutch Design Week (DDW, 19-27 October 2013). Located in the creative Strijp area. it was one of the main highlights of the event, providing over 5.000 m² of exhibition space.

Vollenberg and Konings fully revised the implementation and set-up of three of the four spaces within the Klokgebouw:
The art directors created a special presentation in Hall 1 at the Klokgebouw, titled Ode to the City. This presentation connected the exhibitions in the Klokgebouw with all the other exhibitions and events in the city of Eindhoven that together make DDW what it is.

The Composed Exhibition in Hall 2 gave way to over 50 up-and-coming designers and established names, presenting their designs in a democratic way. Various individual designers, design studios and collectives were also found in Hall 2, showing their latest designs in individual presentations.

Hall 3 was entirely dedicated to more than 30 labels, design studios and brands.

Dutch Design Week 2013 received over 250,000 visitors. Klokgebouw was the centre of one of the main locations, Strijp-S, and presented more than 93 exhibitors, ranging from single designers, to labels and collectives.

Quotes from press on Dutch Design Week and the Klokgebouw:
“Dutch Design Week is putting other design weeks to shame. There’s so much interesting stuff here.
Really impressive.” Marcus Fairs

Dutch Design Week is still one of the most ‘compelling design weeks’ in the world, simply because the Netherlands is one of the few countries that take design really seriously and where an ‘intellectual and dynamic design culture prevails.” Alice Rawsthorn
Metropolis M

”New energy has been pumped into the Klokgebouw this Dutch Design Week as Organisation in Design proves its worth once again.” Cassandra Pizzey

”Keeping cities vibrant is a balancing act between business investment and embracing a region’s local characteristics. A visit to Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven shows that the city is getting it right.” Aled John

Ode to the City, credit Jeroen van der Wielen

Ode to the City, photo by Jeroen van der Wielen for Dutch Design Week














Klokgebouw Composed Exhibition, credit Lisa Klappe for Dutch Design Week

Klokgebouw Composed Exhibition, photo by Lisa Klappe for Dutch Design Week

Klokgebouw, Studio Makkink & Bey, credit Lisa Klappe for Dutch Design Week

Klokgebouw, Studio Makkink & Bey, photo by Lisa Klappe for Dutch Design Week