Our PR vision

Attending to PR requests and maintaining contacts is very time-consuming and requires constant attention and expertise. This is where Organisation in Design steps in for designers. Organisation in Design maintains press contacts and work on demands such as: interviews, photo shoots, requests for visual materials, et cetera. Due to our role as a PR studio, many national and international journalists ask us to keep them up-to-date on the new projects of our clients. All PR requests, that would normally go to the designer, come to us directly and are handled accurately.

Organisation in Design executes an active PR-policy. This means that we initiate, draw up and send out press releases and invitations for openings / exhibitions. At the same time, we work very closely with media specialised in design and our clients’ works appear in new publications and book editions regularly. We maintain an up-to-date, digital archive of the publications. In this way, the digital publications are always available for the clients.

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Our current clients

At the moment Organisation in Design is the PR / Press studio for among others Studio Makkink & Bey and Robert Bronwasser. For more information or material about a specific designer contact us via the applicable mail address listed below.

Through organisationindesign.getbynder.com you will be able to download HR images and additional information on all the latest projects from our clients.                        

How to download: Find the latest from our clients by clicking on the Organisation in Design logo. Through ‘Clients’ you will be able to browse through the subfolders of each client. You can easily click on an image and download it, or select multiple images (select the images by clicking on the top-right side of each image) and then download them through the red download button on the top-right side of the website. Downloading all images from a folder is also possible by ticking the box on the top-right side of the website and then click the red download button. For more details consult the guidelines.

The download conditions: All images and information from the press page can be used for publications or personal use, as long as the designer/label is mentioned together with the photo credit (if present). In case of publication we would like to receive a digital copy through pr@organisationindesign.com.

For any questions please contact us at pr@organisationindesign.com or give us a call at +31 302716311.

Contacts for press requests

Studio Makkink&Bey:

Robert Bronwasser:


Ventura Projects: