Ventura Interieur | 2012

Organisation in Design joins forces with Biennale Interieur by launching Ventura Interieur!

Organisation in Design (initiator of the Ventura Projects) has been invited by Biennale Interieur to create the very first edition of Ventura Interieur, an independent exhibition platform during Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk. Based on the concept behind the Ventura Projects, such as Ventura Lambrate and Ventura Berlin, Ventura Interieur is a curated design district, focusing on the most creative outings of the international design world. Ventura Interieur presents a diverse mix of design projects and objects created by individual designers, design collectives, new brands, art and design academies and institutions at several locations within Biennale Interieur. Through this platform, Ventura Interieur aims to show the audience what is happening in contemporary design nowadays and in the broader cultural sectors related to the design world.

Interieur is globally recognised as a must-see design event in  the Autumn. In 2011 the Biennale Interieur attracted over 84.000 visitors from 60 countries on an exhibition surface of 40.000 square meters + several locations in the city.

For fact, figures and images of Ventura Interieur go to:

Launch of Ventura Interieur 2012 during Interieur 2012 at Kortrijk, Belgium

Opening of the Biennale Interieur 2012 with the first edition of Ventura Interieur © Biennale Interieur

Opening of Biennale Interieur with the first Ventura Interieur 2012© Biennale Interieur

Sampling at Ventura Interieur 2012© Biennale Interieur

Andrea Brena live performance at Ventura Interieur 2012 © Wouter van Vaerenbergh

Designlabel Vij5 at Ventura Interieur 2012 © Biennale Interieur

Bistro at Buda Island, Ventura Interieur 2012 © Wouter van Vaerenbergh

Den Herder Production House at Ventura Interieur 2012 © Wouter van Vaerenbergh

Joyce Flendrie and Vatos at Ventura Interieur 2012

ABK Maastricht at Ventura Interieur 2012

Den Herder Production House (left) and Stereooboi at Ventura Interieur 2012

Ventura Interieur 2012