Organisation in Design connects the field of design with institutions or companies in the business world. Brands that are looking to work in unpredictable ways can count on us to help them restate their identity and adopt a suitable strategy that will enable them to do so. We are always looking for relevant and lasting collaborations for brands with designers and designer collectives and we deliver high-quality campaigns to both raise awareness and to gather information from potential customers. With results varying from small scale projects to large scale events and campaigns, you can call on us to draw up business plans and strategies pertaining to the design market and/or events that have the potential to attract new audiences for your brand.

Art direction

As director, curator and connector, we are used to playing a central role in the production and promotion of the world’s leading, global design projects. Whether you are a beginning professional or an established designer or brand, you can count on us to bring expertise and a global network into the project environment. In the past decades, international brands, museums, biennials, fairs and galleries have called on Organisation in Design to advise about art direction - including such occasions as the BIO.23 (Biennial for Industrial Design) presented in The Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO, Ljubljana, Slovenia) in 2012 and Dutch Design Week (the Klokgebouw in 2013 and 'The New Normal' exhibition in 2017, Eindhoven, The Netherlands). Besides this, Organisation in Design is responsible for the curation of all international Ventura Projects, which are known to showcase the best selection from the field of contemporary design.

Project management

We offer production and project management for all kinds of design events or design related events. In promoting these events we build on our elaborate network, which is not limited to but includes valuable contacts in Milan – the design city of the world. Besides helping third parties manage their events, we are also the organizer of Ventura Projects. 

Pr department

All PR requests, that would normally go to the designer, come to Organisation in Design directly and are handled accurately. The studio maintains an extensive press contact network and is active as PR studio for an interesting selection of designers, design studios and design events. Read more via this webpage on our site.