Zona Tortona | 2009

In 2009, Organisation in Design worked with 31 exhibitors in Zona Tortona.

Producers | labels, such as: Moooi and Palau
Designers | studios such as: Frederik Roije and Sander Mulder
Design platforms such as: Design Connection Brainport
Promising newcomers such as: Prooff and Weltevree

Design connection Brainport at Zona Tortona ©DesignconnectionBrainport

Moooi at Zona Tortona ©Moooi

Weltevree at Zona Tortona ©Weltevree

Sander Mulder at Zona Tortona ©SanderMulder

Rolf Palau at Zona Tortona ©Rolf Palau

Prooff superstudio at Zona Tortona ©Proof

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