Globally connected and highly specialised. That’s us

Who we are

We believe that design makes this world a better place and that designers are an important part of positive change. Our slogan is ‘advancing design anyway possible’, which means that we are firm fans of our clients’ work and we do everything in our power to make sure it is seen and heard by a wide audience. Our international network is vast and diverse and we love to put it into action for high-end matchmaking that generates new collaborations, products and ideas. We always find ways to connect people and businesses with the creative power of design. Empowering our clients so they have every possibility and the capability to be successful in their work – and that means creating a whole new tomorrow for us all.

Organisation in Design was established in 2005 by Margriet Vollenberg. She herself is a graduate of Eindhoven’s Design Academy and knows like no other what it means to work in the field of design. Margriet has over twenty years of experience in the design industry and was the driving force behind the exhibition platform Ventura Projects.

Margriet’s extensive expertise in creative entrepreneurship enables her to contribute significantly to the professional development of countless designers and design studios. She not only promotes design through trade show presentations and global exhibitions but also assists design studios in expanding their presence internationally. Her dedication to design is evident in her active involvement in advisory boards, delivering lectures, and participating in design panels for renowned international awards.

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