Providing a visionary perspective on future developments

Art direction

We are dedicated curators and art directors, shaping the narrative of contemporary design on a global stage. Through our exhibitions and presentations, we offer a visionary perspective on both conceptual and tangible design, guiding our audience toward the future’s most compelling developments.

Global design curation
Over the years, we have left our mark on the world of design by contributing to dozens of high-profile international events. Notably, we have had the honor of being invited as curators for several renowned design exhibitions, including World Expo Dubai, Colony New York, Biennial of Design BIO.23 in Slovenia and Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands. These opportunities allowed us to showcase our expertise in selecting and presenting the most cutting-edge design concepts. For 12 years, one of our proudest achievements has been curating Ventura Projects in diverse cultural hubs like Milan, Dubai, London, Berlin, Courtrai and New York. These projects served as our canvas, where we brought the latest and most exhilarating advancements in both conceptual and practical design to life.

Design beyond exhibitions
Our mission is clear: to provide our exhibitors access to the market and offer our audience a lucid glimpse into the future of design, highlighting the developments that deserve the utmost attention. With two decades of experience, we have collaborated with over 7000 international designers, creatives, academies, and institutions.
We unveil groundbreaking installations that blur the lines between art and functionality. Each project is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design, providing our visitors with an immersive experience that ignited their creative imagination. Our commitment to curating and directing the world of design extends beyond exhibitions; it’s a passion that drives us to continuously seek out and champion the boldest and most innovative voices in the industry.

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