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In her role as a coach and sparring partner, Margriet Vollenberg, has supported numerous design studios with their entrepreneurial inquiries and strategies. Her expertise has significantly contributed to the growth of these creative businesses. Designers and creative studios know where to find her for answers on their questions and challenges regarding running their business. She provides valuable assistance in shaping their strategic development. Whether the issues are on self exploring or lack of focus, or topics such as enhancing brand identity and accurate pricing, Margriet’s guidance encompasses a wide range of topics tailored to the unique needs of each studio.

For creatives of all kinds
What truly distinguishes Margriet in her role as a certified coach, is her extensive experience spanning nearly 25 years in the design industry. She has successfully managed her own business within this sector, with offices in the Netherlands and Italy. Her exceptional qualities, including a keen sense of commercial success, insatiable curiosity, and attentive listening, position her as a valuable coach for creatives of all kinds. 

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