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We believe in the business value of design. However, we know that commercial businesses and the creative industry speak two different languages. Thanks to our years of experience in the design field we are specialised in creating connections. We bridge the gap between creative talent, design and business.

Organisation in Design knows how to connect the creative minds of designers to the commercial goals of a business. We excel in advising commercial businesses and introducing them to the world of design. This means that we not only know our way around the world of design and other creative fields blindfolded, but we also have a vast network of international buyers, companies, galleries, museums and media to help our clients get in touch with the right people to advance their projects. Our clients include companies within various industries (e.g. automotive and recycling) as well as design studios and independent designers.


Studio Marjan van Aubel



Nicolaasweg 142
3581 VL Utrecht

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