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December 2018

Ventura Centrale 2019:
Expanding the design story 

Ventura Centrale is returning next year to the Milan Design Week (9-14 April, 2019) for its third edition. It is with pride we announce our creative turf is expanding from nine to fifteen vaults this year. Many international companies will present their work at Ventura Centrale, among which AGC Inc., Weltevree, Lensvelt, Modular Lighting Instruments, Rapt Studio and Sky-Frame. More exhibitors will be revealed in the upcoming months.   [...]


october 2018

Here Comes The Sun by Haberdashery 

Award-winning London-based design studio Haberdashery has a poetic approach to light and presents three new lighting concepts whose identity is directly derived from our biggest natural source of light: the sun. With Dawn to Dusk, Helio Ray and Radiance the British designers have created three completely different objects with different purposes but one commonality: bringing sunshine (and the memories and emotions it evokes) into peoples' lives in the most unexpected places and ways.  [...]


october 2018

Why We Design by thonik 

The field of design is having an ever greater impact on the world. But is it really a cure for all of modern day struggles and how does design 'work' exactly? And why do we design? What's the point and purpose? Our friends from graphic design studio thonik have been working in this field for over 25 years and now have a book to back it up. In Why We Design they give their personal explanation to the artful practice of designing. [...]


october 2018

Ventura Future 2019:
Call for Entries

Following a successful first edition, Ventura Future returns next year to Milan Design Week (9 to 14 April 2019) at a brand-new central location for its latest edition. And it’s packed full of revolutionary, innovative and ground-breaking design focused on future visions.  But in order to realise this, we need your project! Read more and apply now! [...]


October 2018

Ventura Future + BASE Milano 2019

For Milan Design Week 2019, Ventura Projects is partnering with BASE Milano to present Ventura Future. In April 2019, during Milan Design Week, Ventura Future has chosen a close collaboration with the BASE cultural project which is located in the Ex-Ansaldo - a former industrial area in Milan. [...]


September 2018

Dawn to Dusk - Haberdashery

London based design studio Haberdashery is known for their amazing lighting designs. Organisation in Design is helping them promote their brand and work globally. First up was a feature in one of our favourite design magazines: Dezeen. [...]



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