Certosa Initiative

Showcasing 10000 M2 of design to the world

client’s wish
Beyond Space Architects approached Organisation in Design for her extensive experience in the field of design. Margriet Vollenberg has been developing, organising and producing high-end design projects in Milan for the past 20 years. They sought her as a strategic partner and art director for a new design event, destined to be one of the highlights of Milan Design Week 2022. The aim was to leverage Organisation in Design’s network of international designers and labels.

By accepting the roles of art director and strategic partner, saw an opportunity to provide a new stage for brands and design studio’s in Milan. With expertise and enthusiasm, we traversed the realm of design, bridging the gap between creative ingenuity and market potential. 

what we did
Organisation in Design teamed up with Beyond Space, architects with a specific focus on delicate interiors and grand-scale transformations. Together, we transformed a promising former industrial complex in Milan’s Certosa District to showcase the best of contemporary design during Milan Design Week 2022.

The Certosa Initiative occupied a total of 10,000 square meters within the former industrial complex, featuring a diverse range of spaces, from indoor to outdoor, from intimate to monumental. There were stages, patios, rooftops, corners, and spaces for designers and creators to claim and bring to life with their exhibits. This inclusive platform welcomed everyone, from emerging talents to established brands, fostering connections, boosting projects, and enhancing visibility within the design community.

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