Channelling Change Exhibition

Inside a designers brain

Client’s wish

Due to the global COVID pandemic, the “Challenging Change” exhibition, showcasing work of 14 design-studio’s, could not take place at the Milan Design Week, and Organisation in Design needed to find a way to ensure that these 14 designers received the visibility they deserved.


Given the absence of live presentation opportunities worldwide, we explored virtual online options. The longstanding collaboration between the online design platform Dezeen and Organisation in Design provided potential avenues for this.

What we did

In collaboration with Dezeen, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and Creative Holland, we explored alternative ways to present this exhibition. Audio and visual materials were produced, and interviews with all the designers were conducted, effectively showcasing their work. This digital presentation was featured at the Dezeen Virtual Design Festival, ensuring that the designers received the recognition they deserved despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. In addition, this approach allowed the designers themselves to have a voice and platform, ensuring that their perspectives were heard alongside their work.

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