Recycle for life

Client’s wish

The Belgium plastic recycling company ECO-oh! is left with a raw product they found difficult to re-input into the cycle of use and re-use. Their wish was to connect with a variety of designers to find new and creative ways to use this raw material in exciting and imaginative new products.


ECO-oh! is one of the few recycling companies that recycle any and all types of plastic and have a vigorous non-incineration -approach and policy. Because of their sustainable way of recycling they are left with a raw material that is not easy to re-use except for heavy duty (garden) functions. What they needed was an introduction to a new group of designers and design thinkers who could help them create a new purpose for their product and find new markets.

What we did

We organised and curated two design-driven events. In Eindhoven we presented the end results of this designer collaboration by ECO-oh! during Dutch Design Week. In Venice – during the opening of the Venice Art Biennale – a selected group of designers, influencers, creators, businesses and journalists were invited to come and learn more about ECO-oh!, their great work, and their products. After a morning filled with inspirational speeches and lectures there was a matchmaking workshop where the creatives could get their hands on the product and translate it into new products, ideas and ways of using it.

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