Extending their fame and reputation outside of the UK

Client’s wish

London-based award-winning design studio Haberdashery is very well known in the United Kingdom, have great collaborations with big companies but are looking to expand both their profile as well as their portfolio.


Haberdashery makes beautiful high end lighting sculptures that are installed in over 30 countries in the world. They are one of the most sought after and professional studios in the UK with a keen sense of engineering combined with a sure footed creative touch. But outside this bubble they are a “well kept secret” and they wish to profile the creative side of their design studio more extensively.

What we did

We started by helping them with a three-year strategy so that their efforts can underpin their ultimate goals. We helped them formulate a company message, came up with a campaign and decided to collaborate on a big event during Milan Design Week which would introduce Haberdashery as a brand to mainland Europe and beyond. Leading up to this, we provided them with a custom-made PR strategy and roadmap, making sure that we start creating rumour around this most exciting brand.

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