Connections with global impact

Client’s wish

Fashion house Hermès, Paris is continually in search of fresh and innovative designs to infuse into their brand and feature in the displays of their worldwide boutiques. Organisation in Design was invited to serve as a scout for new talent that might offer valuable contributions to these initiatives.


For several years, the fashion brand Hermès has been a welcome guest at various design exhibitions organised by Organisation in Design. Over time, a strong partnership has developed between Organisation in Design and Hermès. This collaboration not only reflects the fashion brand’s dedication to innovation and contemporary design but also showcases the commitment of Organisation in Design to nurturing emerging talent.

What we did

Regularly, we submitted pitches and portfolios of designers whom we believed could make meaningful contributions to the Hermès brand. Drawing from our extensive knowledge of the brand and our vast database of design studio’s with whom we have collaborated, we facilitated connections between these designers and Hermès’ design team. This collaboration yielded remarkable installations and projects that have been showcased in diverse Hermès stores across the globe.

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