A new shopping experience

Client’s wish

The iconic lifestyle brand Moooi is opening a new shopping experience at the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in The Hague – Leidschendam. This store will offer fresh energy into the shopping experience for enthusiasts of interior design and luxury lifestyles. Spanning 300 square meters, the store will showcase the brand’s latest and most iconic lighting and furniture designs. Moooi is actively seeking a project team to oversee, guide, and manage the entire process, from translating the shop design to the grand opening of this exciting new shopping destination. 


Organisation in Design has a longstanding partnership with Moooi since their inception in 2001. Over the years, we have been responsible for developing, organising, and producing many of their international exhibitions during design weeks. Our primary objective is to align ourselves with Moooi’s vision and communicate in a language that resonates with them. We can offer complete communication and on-site guidance to bring a retail concept to life that precisely meets their wishes.


What we did

For Moooi’s retail concept, Organisation in Design orchestrated a structured process that spanned from understanding and translating their shop design to the grand opening of their newest Moooi store. We took their imaginative ideas and transformed them into meticulous, actionable briefs for contractors, builders, and craftsmen. Our role extended to providing comprehensive communication and guidance throughout the construction phase. We offered advice to both Moooi’s design team and contractors, ensuring that every aspect of the store, from custom retail furniture to layout, construction solutions, visual merchandising, and presentation, was impeccably executed.

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