Perspective in design

From Creative Mind to a Brain for Business

Client’s wish

At Organisation in Design, we observed a growing need among designers and creatives for more collaboration and knowledge sharing. Due to the absence of major design events and opportunities resulting from the Covid-19 circumstances, creatives began to question whether they were on the right path and how they could improve.


We believe that designers generate ideas that bring about positive change. Designers have a specific and strong demand for practical, relevant experience, and knowhow from international professionals in the design industry. By sharing our practical knowledge and experience in the field of design, we aim to help designers become more resilient and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills.

What we did

We leveraged our extensive year-long expertise to create a practical knowledge platform tailored to design studios, labels, and individual designers. Margriet Vollenberg and Loes Wagemans initiated a program of masterclasses that provide guidance in the art of creative entrepreneurship. This developed further into the platform Joinanew.

We also hosted a two-day live programme during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven for designers and creatives. By offering workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions led by experts from the international design industry, we focused on the challenges creatives encounter in their daily practice and reality. As part of the programme we partnered with Brabant C and Creative Holland for a matchmaking event.

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