Ras al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival

The versatility of Dutch Design

Client’s wish

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Abu Dhabi aspires to elevate Dutch Design to a prominent position in the United Arab Emirates. They were in search of a curator for a recurring exhibition at the Ras al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival that would illuminate the excellence and influence of Dutch Design.


By developing and producing Ventura Dubai exhibitions and presenting at the World Expo we gained extensive expertise in the Middle East. We see a potential market and recognise the opportunities for showcasing the unique qualities of Dutch Design in this region. Curating recurring exhibitions showcasing Dutch Design fits our ambitions, and provides Dutch Designers an entrance to the Middle East Market. The prospect of showcasing our exhibitions at one of the most beautiful UNESCO sites globally, the historic Ras Al Khaimah village of Al Jazirah Al Hamra, adds significant value to our initiatives.

What we did

We curated Dutch Design exhibitions at the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival under the title “Channelling Change: Inside A Designer’s Brain,”. Its purpose is to provide insight into how designers think, create, research, and explore avenues to build a more sustainable future. For us, as curator of the exhibition, it was essential to present design not just as a finished product but also as a process, research, or a way of thinking. Our second exhibition, one year later, captured the nature of Dutch Design. What makes it so unique, what sets it apart? We showcased three artist-designers who all highlight the various aspects of Dutch Design. And who all stay very close to their own nature while creating. Combined, these works attempt to offer a glimpse into the essence – or nature – of modern Dutch Design. The designers not only presented their excellent handcrafted designs, but also offered a series of live workshops on location.

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