Shahar Livne Design

The next step

Client’s wish

Shahar Livne was looking to professionalise her studio. She was in need of business guidance and tools to help her with her design studio practice. The studio received a grant to kick-start this process.


Shahar Livne is an award-winning designer whose work focuses on conceptual material research in a multi-leveled methodology. Some of Livne’s projects deal with obscure materials such as blood, man-made fossils, crystallisation and more. She presents her works internationally and creates new research projects as an autonomous designer, an educator and as a collaborator with different companies and institutes.

What we did

Organisation in Design and Shahar Livne worked together intensively and mapped out the studio’s challenges in several consultancy sessions. We gave her tools and practical guidance and together we developed a strategy for the studio.

"Margriet Vollenberg her guidance helped me to take the next steps in my professional career. The practical tools and tips make it easier to make business decisions and make me feel more secure in my profession."
Shahar Livne
Shahar Livne Design
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