Touch Base

Connecting designers to the creative industry

Client’s wish

The Trend Instituut (formerly known as Dutch Interieur Instituut) approached Organisation in Design with the request to explore and develop distinctive methods for enhancing their digital presence and inspiring their audience, which includes high-end interior labels, manufacturers, and retail companies.


This assignment from the Trend Instituut offers an ideal opportunity to bridge the gap between creatives and the industry, via a recurring online event. The aim is to serve both creative professionals and the manufacturing industry.

What we did

Touch Base is a recurring online event, designed to facilitate connections between designers and businesses, exclusively for Trend Instituut members. During the Touch Base events, we showcase promising designers and their work, who present insights into their creative processes, designs, and aspirations, serving as a source of inspiration for an audience of interior labels, manufacturers, and retail companies. 

By offering a glimpse into the designers’ minds, workspaces, and creative processes, we aim to foster meaningful connections. We leverage our extensive network to facilitate high-end matchmaking, which in turn leads to the creation of new collaborations, products, and innovative ideas.

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