Ventura New York

Preparing to do business in the USA

Client’s wish

With a vision to create a new stage for Dutch designers to explore the American market and introduce the distinctive qualities of Dutch design to the American audience, the Dutch Culture USA program of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York partnered with Organisation in Design. Their common goal was to bring to life a Ventura New York exhibition during NYCxDesign, the premier design event in New York. This shared mission of guiding and supporting Dutch designers in building enduring relationships with the US market marked the beginning of a long-lasting partnership.


Organisation in Design recognizes the potential for Dutch designers to enter the US market, provided they have the necessary knowledge and tools. Creating successful collaborations and acquiring new clients hinges not only on a well-curated exhibition but also on a comprehensive program of activities for participating designers to facilitate their introduction to the US market.

What we did

This enduring collaboration led to Organization in Design’s role in curating and producing three editions of Ventura New York – the Dutch edition at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and WantedDesign during NYCxDesign. For three consecutive years, the Ventura New York exhibitions showcased the work of 48 designers, studios, and brands, focusing on Dutch contemporary design. In 2019 the exhibition won the Constellation Award for best International exhibition.

Participating designers benefited from an extensive support program to assist them in preparing for their exhibition in New York and their subsequent endeavors. The program included studio visits to renowned architecture firms and galleries. Ventura New York – the Dutch Edition received support from the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York as part of the Dutch Culture USA program, Creative Industries Fund NL, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Creative Holland, Dutch Design Foundation, and Organisation in Design.

“In Holland, beauty does not happen by chance. We create in a very deliberate – albeit – free way. The designers we are bringing to New York are on a mission to change the world one design at a time. We are a small country with limited resources, but that has led to a unique perspective in our designers. This perspective is smart, adaptable and stands for a way of working and thinking that goes beyond our own borders.”
Margriet Vollenberg
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