Volvo Car Netherlands

Reaching out to a new audience

Client’s wish

Volvo Cars Netherlands made a unique statement in the design world with the ‘Design Moves Us’ project. With this project, Volvo Cars Netherlands wanted to appeal to a broader audience and asked Organisation in Design, a PR agency specialising in the international design industry, to draw up and implement a comprehensive PR & Communications plan for both national and international use.


Volvo Cars Netherlands is an importer of the Swedish car brand Volvo. In 1927 the first Volvo was produced and since then, thanks to the development of countless revolutionary innovations, they have grown into one of the best-known and most respected car brands in the world. As an innovative brand, they are interested in exploring the role of design with regards to the future of cars and drivers’ perceptions. With the ‘Design Moves Us’ project they aimed to initiate a broad and open debate.

What we did

Volvo’s ‘Design Moves Us’ project comprised several elements, such as the Volvo Design Collection exhibition by design duo Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, presented at Dutch Design Week, and the Volvo Design Challenge, a competition for young creative talent. Organisation in Design was responsible for all PR & Communications nationally and internationally. We started by drawing up an extensive PR plan for the entire project and we implemented every part of it. In this context we issued several press releases, pitched and set up interviews and invited and guided the press at several events.
Volvo Cars Netherlands was very satisfied with the result of the PR campaign, since the set media target was more than achieved thanks to numerous articles and considerable media attention in national and international (design) media.

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