World Expo Dubai

Showcasing Dutch designers

Client’s wish

As an integral part of the Art programme at the Dutch Pavilion during the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, Organisation in Design was commissioned with the responsibility of curating and producing an exhibition that would showcase the versatility of Dutch Design.


Within the design sector, sustainability has transformed from a mere prerequisite into its very cornerstone. The focal point has shifted to sustainability as a guiding principle. Countless products, processes, and projects are now centered on sustainability, addressing issues such as waste reduction, enhancing quality of life, promoting awareness, and embracing more environmentally conscious production methods. The Dutch Pavilion was conceived with a robust emphasis on sustainable solutions, embracing innovative approaches to tackle environmental challenges. This microcosmic realm within the pavilion incorporated its unique climate system and showcased sustainable innovations, including a distinctive cone-shaped vertical farm.

What we did

We introduced “Channelling Change: Inside A Designer’s Brain” as an integral component of the Dutch exhibition at World Expo Dubai. This exhibition spotlighted the endeavors of fourteen Dutch design studios actively exploring pathways towards a fully sustainable future. It encompassed various facets, ranging from material research to pioneering business models. The proposed innovations were pragmatic and, in most instances, immediately implementable, with the aim of inspiring companies and industries to adopt them in their sustainable development endeavors.
We designed the exhibition with sustainability as its central ethos, accounting for all aspects. Furthermore, the exhibition’s design was conceived with portability in mind, allowing it to travel and contributing to its sustainability by ensuring a longer lifespan.

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