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Organisation in Design's founder Margriet Vollenberg is no stranger to the international talks circuit. She has inspired people all over the world with her views on international contemporary design. Apart from talks we also organise, as requested, lectures and workshops for clients and relations who are looking for information and inspiration.

We believe in sharing our knowledge, and this is the source of our strategies and consultancy subdivisions. And we also know that a good presentation, given at the right time, means you can reach more people with the exciting message of what design is, what it can do, how it can work but also how it can benefit you. Take a trip through the personal history of Margriet Vollenberg's Organisation in Design while she sketches an image of what the future can hold. “We are in the business of the near future,” is one of the things you will hear her say regularly. And we are delighted to share this vision with you.



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