We are in the business of the near future


Organisation in Design’s founder Margriet Vollenberg is no stranger to the international talks’ circuit. She has inspired people all over the world with her story and her views on international contemporary design. Apart from talks we also organise lectures and workshops for clients and relations who are looking for information and inspiration.

Inspiring tomorrow’s design
We actively engage with design and art academies, offering insightful workshops and talks that foster the development of emerging talent. We believe in sharing our knowledge, and understand that a well-timed presentation has the potential to resonate with a wider audience, delivering the exhilarating message of what design represents. As you embark on a journey through the personal history of Margriet Vollenberg’s Organisation in Design, you will witness the unfolding of a visionary perspective on the future of design. Margriet often emphasizes, “We are in the business of the near future,” underlining our commitment to shaping and defining what lies ahead in the world of design. 

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