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Ventura Projects are self-initiated, curated exhibition areas with a special focus on quality and concept. These have become the place for independent designers, design schools, creative studios and labels to present during Milan Design Week. Other Ventura Projects have been realised internationally in Berlin, London, Kortrijk, Dubai and New York.

Starting with Ventura Lambrate in 2010, we have organised more than twenty Ventura Projects during the past decade. The dynamic, curated format balances renowned designers with emerging talents, and independent studios with established brands, academies, galleries or institutions. Conceptual experiments are juxtaposed with professional presentations. In this way, we challenge visitors to view design from different perspectives, and participants are connected with others working beyond their own domain. In line with the widening scope of design, our open approach gives participants flexibility to present their work in a way that best suits their practice. Ventura Projects are a testimony to the current state of contemporary design.

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