We are dedicated to globally promoting and advancing international contemporary design.

Read all about Organisation in Design's subdivisions and how they contribute to helping our clients achieve their goals:


Project and Event Management

Organisation in Design's Project & Event Management helps clients organise their events. We are dependable, speedy and structured and are highly experienced in putting together all kinds of design related events and projects.



Organisation in Design believes in tailor made strategies for our clients. A strategic approach helps clients reach their short- and long term goals and is the basis for a close collaboration. Our strategies provide focus and direction and are an important contributor to our clients’ successes.



We believe in the business value of design. However, we know that commercial businesses and the creative industry speak two different languages. Thanks to our years of experience in the design field we are specialised in creating connections. We bridge the gap between creative talent, design and business.


PR & Communications

When our clients create something beautiful, great and/or interesting, we love to help them shout it from the rooftops. Our specialised PR department has an extensive international network in the world of (high end) design media and is well connected beyond that. We help clients take command of of their narrative and to get their story out there.


Art Direction

We have contributed to dozens of high profile international events with our specialist eye for contemporary design. In recent years we have been invited as a curator for several international renowned design exhibitions, such as BIO.23 in Slovenia, and Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands. We have also curated Ventura Projects in cities like Milan, Dubai and New York.

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Organisation in Design's founder Margriet Vollenberg is no stranger to the international talks' circuit. She has inspired people all over the world with her views on international contemporary design. Apart from talks we also organise, as requested, lectures and workshops for clients and relations who are looking for information and inspiration.


Ventura Projects

Ventura Projects are self-initiated, curated exhibition areas with a special focus on quality and concept. These have become the place for independent designers, design schools, creative studios and labels to present during Milan Design Week. Other Ventura Projects have been realised internationally in Berlin, London, Kortrijk, Dubai and New York.



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