Connecting and advancing for the creative industry. That’s Organisation in Design


The platform Joinanew helps designers and creatives to optimise and grow their business successfully. The programme ‘How to be an Entrepreneur as a designer’ guides you step by step through the dozens of topics from your daily practice and teaches you all the skills you need to become the best version of your entrepreneurial self.



We believe in the transformative power of design and we notice that the creative industry and commercial businesses speak different languages. With decades of experience in the design field, we are specialised in building bridges between these two worlds, facilitating a seamless connection between creative talent and commercial success.


In her role as a coach and sparring partner, Margriet Vollenberg, has supported numerous design studios with their entrepreneurial inquiries and strategies. Her expertise has significantly contributed to the growth of these creative businesses. Designers and creative studios know where to find her for answers on their questions and challenges regarding running their business.


As your partner, Organisation in Design brings more than two decades of experience in the creative industry to the table. We fuse this knowledge with our extensive network and insights into global design hubs. With precision and passion, we navigate the world of design, serving as a connector between creative brilliance and market opportunity.

Art direction

We are dedicated curators and art directors, shaping the narrative of contemporary design on a global stage. Through our exhibitions and presentations, we offer a visionary perspective on both conceptual and tangible design, guiding our audience toward the future’s most compelling developments.


Organisation in Design’s founder Margriet Vollenberg is no stranger to the international talks’ circuit. She has inspired people all over the world with her views on international contemporary design. Apart from talks we also organise, as requested, lectures and workshops for clients, academies and relations who are looking for information and inspiration.

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